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Infrastructure and services to support a complete range of licensed growing, testing and processing activities.

Custom Modular packages

Custom leasing options for Tier I,
II and III licensees

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  • Grow and processing modules configured to your needs
  • Our build-out services significantly reduce your start-up costs
  • Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing spaces
  • Fully equipped flowering rooms to match your growing style
  • Offices with internet, phone, break rooms, bathrooms and more
  • Flexible space and leasing options to grow with your business
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Specialty equipment rentals

Squeeze the most out of every square foot you lease

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  • Rent processing and specialty equipment for specific activities, only when you need them
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled curing lockers
  • Dedicated packaging equipment and quarantine locker
  • Trimming and extraction equipment
  • Get remarkable per foot value with our build-out services and rentable specialty equipment
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Industrial-grade benefits

Give your operation the advantages of a large facility

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  • Industrial power for commercial scale growing
  • RO water, cleaning water, and air handling for each space
  • Shipping receiving and distribution infrastructure
  • Waste management services
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On-site partner services
help maximize uptime

A community of complementary businesses all under one roof

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  • Production equipment leasing, onsite service plans and technical support
  • Processing equipment leasing and tolling facilities for DIY processors
  • Distribution and logistics services
  • Testing and cloning labs
  • Mother nursery
  • Packagers and logistics/distributors
  • Growing and production consultation
  • CO2 extraction equipment rental
  • Equipment and consumable suppliers
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Locations Statewide

Operate close to your customers across Washington

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  • Facilities in the east, west, north and south are located in jurisdictions friendly to I-502
  • Maximize multiple permits with our multiple locations
  • We work with local officials and law enforcement to ensure our facilities operate with transparency and in full compliance with regulations
  • New properties zoned for I-502 are being added every day. Call to speak with one of our placement consultants to find the best places for your spaces
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Arbormain production spaces get your I-502 business up-and-running quickly and keep it operating efficiently. Our complexes are compliant with the Washington Liquor Control Board and have the industrial facilities to support growing, processing and much more. We help build your ideal combination of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse spaces. You'll find extensive service and equipment options tailored to cannabis production in every Arbormain location across Washington State. Grow with us!